January 2012

It’s been raining a lot in Sydney this last week. This summer sure has been unusual. I’m hoping that the weather clears up a bit early next week because Angus is starting preschool on Monday and I want it to be a sunny, cheerful day for him! I know – preschool? Where has the time gone?

Remember this? Today we set up a new cubby house at our new place under our new dining table. The boys loved it. Despite how exhausted I was, I couldn’t stop laughing as I watched them playing together yet each still doing their own thing. Gosh I love them.

Anyway, today is Chinese New Year and I’m missing my parents who are currently in Hong Kong. Part of me wishes I were in Hong Kong with them, celebrating the new lunar year with all our relatives and, of course, amazing food. I probably could’ve initiated some sort of a celebration for us here, but without mum and dad here, it just seemed rather meaningless.

Sometimes it saddens me that I’m not passing on much, if any, of my Chinese heritage onto the boys. It’s so strange, and in a way startling, how different their childhood is compared to mine. I grew up in a Chinese household and family. They’re growing up in an Australia family, with only small hints of their Chinese roots popping up occasionally. Perhaps that’s just the way it’s going to be, and I need to learn to be okay with that. Or perhaps I could make more of an effort to ‘learn’ certain things from my parents, so that I can in turn pass it on to the boys. I have yet to work it out.

In the meantime, I wish you all a wonderful start to the lunar new year!

Bring it, dragon.

Le rocker

Our Eames rocker arrived this week and oh my gosh, it is as comfortable as it is gorgeous. Rick, Angus and I all approve (Pete and James have yet to cast their vote). Now I just wish I had one in every single room of the house. A girl can dream, no?

Kitchen views

It’s safe to say we’ve been ridiculously busy around here, what with moving, Christmas, unpacking, settling in and Rick starting his new job last week. Updating this blog has taken somewhat of a backseat as I wade my way through setting up a house that is almost double the size of our last. The amazing thing, however, is that at some point during the craziness of these last few weeks, this new place became… home.

Tonight after we put the boys down, I finally got my act together and actually picked up the camera. And so I give you – our kitchen. The very first room of the house that I set up. And no, those numbers are not significant in any way (although this is the fifth home that we’ve lived in, and this is the first month of the year) – they were simply the ones that came in black and that would stand up straight. Clearly, I’m all about the deep and meaningful.

Belated wishes!

Despite everything, we managed to get our tree up just in time for Christmas. All three boys helped out while Pa and Nan watched on (actually, Nan did more than just watch – she was the main reason ornaments actually got hung!). Even though holiday decorations aren’t really my thing, it was heartwarming to see Angus’ excitement, Pete’s curiosity and Jamie’s intrigue. I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and wish you the very best for the new year! Thank you for reading here, it means the world to me.