December 2011


Our new home. Lots of rooms. Lots of space. Lots of doors. I miss our old home, but I know we will create new memories here. Every day, we are settling in more and more. Today, I actually finished unpacking the last box, and Rick even got the internet set up. My head is filled with a billion thoughts, and my body is running on adrenalin. Will share more in the next few days, but for now here’s a tiny sneak peek. Can you spot the Christmas stockings?

And they’re back

It is officially summer now in Sydney but the rain – stubbornly and annoyingly – refuses to relent. Thankfully, we had a few hours of rare sunshine yesterday so Rick and I whisked the boys off to Balmoral as soon as we spied the blue sky. Not long after midday, though, these majestic clouds started rolling in and it was quite amusing watching all the couples and families fleeing the beach to avoid the downpour. We made it out just in time ourselves.

Anyway, I was working on my visual diary last night using my Cross Process snapshots and I realised just how much I’ve missed sharing them on my blog. Naturally I am loving my Canon 1.4 USM lens, but there’s nothing quite like capturing fleeting moments on the iPhone and then watching my photos being ‘processed’ into dreamy film shots. Plus, the fake analogue shutter sound that’s synonymous with the Cross Process app is just delicious.

So, for better or for worse, I’ve decided to bring back my snapshots. Brace yourselves.

I know you didn’t ask, but I’ve spent the last few days slaving away finishing off the boys’ scrapbooks for the year. Yes, I hereby declare that after tonight, there shall be no more photo-tagging or photo-booking or scrapbooking until the new year. That’s a whole three weeks! Woot!

We got to see our new home yesterday. Being able to actually visualise where we’ll be living has definitely helped me to feel better. It’s a lovely house, with plenty of space for the boys to roam, play and be creative. And my goodness, there is so much storage space. I can’t believe how blessed we are. First step: purge!

Thank you for your kind words on my last post. I’m seeing a bit more colour already. Still, I think it’s good to acknowledge the grey. Only then can we appreciate the colour all the more.

Don’t these photos make you smile? I took them at my friends’ wedding a month and a half ago and they’ve warmed my heart today. I hope they do the same for you.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend.

The colour grey


I am feeling grey.

Parenting wearies me.

Lack of sleep drains me.

Leaving our home saddens me.

Changing churches grieves me.

Moving unsettles me.

The future evades me.

All I can grasp right now is this hour, and the next hour, and perhaps the hour after that.

I am too exhausted to fathom even tomorrow.

I know in my head that I am richly blessed, but my heart is weary. So very weary.

It has been such a long and hard year; so many stumbling blocks have thwarted our path –
I know it is all finally catching up with me now.

Perhaps tomorrow when I rise, I will glimpse colour once more; but for now, all is grey.

All is grey.

I like yum cha. And I like chicken feet.

That’s right: I’m Chinese and slightly eccentric.

Anyway, this particular outing was in celebration of my mum’s, ahem, thirty-fifth birthday – or thereabouts. (Who am I to tell the internet my mum’s real age?)

Pete was a big fan of all the yum cha dishes, which my parents were pretty pleased to see. It’s funny how when Angus isn’t there (like on this particular Friday when he was at daycare), Pete seems to come into his own a bit more. Or maybe it’s simply that we have more time and opportunity and headspace to pay him greater attention and discern all the little things that make him the delightful boy that he is.

To my dearest mum, happy birthday and thanks for everything you do for us.

We love you!

The Instagram bandwagon, that is. Are you on it? If so, kindly leave me your username below so that I can stalk follow you. I’ll leave you nice comments and stuff. Promise.

Anyway, I thought I’d throw in the occasional Instagram shot once in a while. The above is a snap of Jamie’s baby book, which I’m slowly getting up-to-date. After my experience with Pete’s baby book, I was determined with Jamie that I would not leave it until he turned one, because then it just becomes an insurmountable, mammoth task.

A couple of friends have asked me how I find time to do scrapbooking with three children under three. The answer is quite simple: I give up sleep for it. This weekend, I have about five hundred little photos to cut up for the boys’ various scrapbooks and while I can think of at least ten other things I would rather be doing (e.g. sleep), I’m convinced that it’s a worthwhile exercise.

Days often fly by without the chance for me to slow down and appreciate the boys’ hilarious antics and all the ways they’re changing and growing. Scrapbooking allows me to do this. Plus, I know I’m creating something valuable because these are essentially the memoirs of our family – a documentation of our children’s life and our life together as a family.

Thank you to everyone for your condolences for our friends. The memorial service was just perfect – a great testament to their trust in God and the eternal hope we have as Christians. My prayer is that God continues to sustain them – every second of every minute of every hour of every day.

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