October 2011

Never in my past life did I think I would cry over spilt milk. But this evening, after a long day that had me almost screaming into a pillow, cry I did when I walked into the meals room and observed that Angus had spilt milk all over his high chair and the floor. And you know what – the cry was fantastic. It lifted my spirits even more than SYTYCD. So despite what Confucius may say, I highly recommend crying over spilt milk. (I’m Asian, so I’m going with Confucius.)

Anyway, a new couch arrived today. And as they say: a new couch means new beginnings. (That one’s from me, not Confucius.) Yes it’s true, we are moving. Again. Somewhere around the end of this year or the beginning of next. And while I’m aware that’s at least two months away, that does not stop me snapping up a good bargain on eBay when I see one. Even if it means giving up our corridor space and having to jump two feet to get into our bedroom. Rick actually likes the couch as much as I do (good taste, that man) and is trying hard to convince me that it should go in the living area rather than my studio. We’ll see, hubby, we’ll see.

If you’re an observant type of person, you may have noticed that the style of photography is changing on the blog. Yes, another new beginning. While I love my snapshot photography (and rest assured there shall still be the occasional snapshot post), I have to stop kidding myself: my iPhone 4 lens is so badly scratched that if it were a diamond, it would be laughed at by all the other diamonds (kind of like Rudolph). Plus, I actually have a new Canon lens that I love so why not put it to good use?

Here’s to exploring a new way of documenting life as it unfolds around me.

How gorgeous is this pink plant? It graced the balcony at the holiday place we stayed at in August, and I couldn’t resist taking some macro wannabe shots with my new lens. Anyway, I think this plant should totally become my blog mascot – spider web and all. Your thoughts?

To my amazement yesterday, I actually completed my BAS and lodged both our tax returns. If it weren’t for the fact that I had to run the infamous PC-only eTax software from our 2003 IBM Thinkpad (yes, remember those?), I could probably have wrapped up by 8pm (seriously ATO, you need to get your act together). On the up side, having to wait for 10 seconds after every mouse click meant that I finished cutting some 300 photos for Jamie’s baby book.

Whoever said tax and scrapbooking don’t mix?

Happy belated Sunday peeps!

Yes, crunchy calmari. Or more correctly: deep-fried calamari. I just love it in a good old salad during summer. It brings me back to our days in Newtown when we frequented a cafe called Hoochie Mamas just down the street from our terrace. Rick would order the beef burger, and I would order the calamari salad. And it would be delicious. Every single time.

Anyway, it's tax return time this weekend so watch out for more posts as I procrastinate and procrastinate some more...

(And the winner of the Boho handbag is Hailey! Get in touch soon, as the bag’s getting just a tad restless under my desk…)

Birthday suit

Well, it’s finally spring weather here in Sydney (though today’s chills and rain threw us all into confusion) so I’m wearing colour again. Don’t worry black and grey, you guys will still always be my besties.

As for the crude title – it was Angus’ birthday party on Saturday and this was what I wore…

(The Boho handbag giveaway ends on Friday night so if you want to enter, do it now!)

Yes, sadly I am still trying to purge surplus handbags from our household and what better way to do this than to give away yet another gorgeous little handbag.

I call it the ‘Boho style leather handbag’ even though it is not at all Boho save for one tassel. I am a lot of things (ie. procrastinator, coffee drinker, online shopper, etc.) but I am definitely not a handbag-naming…person.

Anyway, if you would like the chance to win The Boho (ha!), then please poke around my little shop and tell me which other handbag catches your eye and – if you’re feeling creative – also what (better) name you would give it.

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You know your spouse is obsessed with Land Rovers if:

  • He walks up to every Land Rover he sees on the street and gives it a good look-in.
  • He waves to other Land Rover drivers or gives them the thumbs up and then gets upset if they don’t reciprocate.
  • He chooses his parking spot based on its proximity to another Land Rover.
  • He posts angry comments on the Land Rover Facebook page about the proposed concepts for the new Defender. Repeatedly.

You know it’s serious when:

  • Your two year old can identify other Rovers on the road (“That’s a little bit like our car.”).
  • He also tells you that his “favourite toy is a Land Rover.”
  • You start waving at other Land Rover drivers too, without even knowing it. (If this has happened to you too, please contact me and tell me I’m not alone. I beg you.)

Despite my tendency to poke fun at my dear husband, I must confess that I’ve actually become quite fond of our Land Rover Discovery. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a pain and a half to get in and out of for a short Asian female like myself, but I genuinely enjoy driving it (though possibly not parking it) and we really do have a lot of fun in it.

Like when we drove to the middle of nowhere back in July, disembarked and spent our family time exploring a little known fire trail. It was completely spontaneous, unplanned and almost uneventful, but it was somehow just lots of fun. (Plus, the boot of our Discovery seriously does lend itself to being the best portable nappy changing table ever, which is handy when you have three kids in nappies.)

What car is your better half obsessed with?