August 2011

Fancy mum and angry baby

Are you the type of person who would leave your baby crying on the bed while you took photos of your new haircut? Apparently, I am. I never thought I would be, but I am.

To be fair, I did leave Jamie his brother’s baby penguin (remember – the one who has a smaller tummy and smaller bum than me?), but as you can see, he flung that away pretty quickly in his fury and disbelief.

I know I said I would be sharing holiday snaps, but I couldn’t resist being all narcissistic about my new hairdo because I know by tomorrow evening afternoon morning, it will be gone. I shall become Normal Mum (With Tangled and Frizzy Hair) once more, and whilst there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, it’s nice to freeze those rare moments when I look like Fancy Mum Who’s Just Been To The Hairdressers.

Okay, moment over. I had better get back to the baby…

// Relishing the afternoon quiet while everyone slept…
// Climbing around in PJ pants…
// Listening to my little man giggle and coo…
// Watching the last sunset before returning home tomorrow…

Well, it has been the most wonderful holiday, and sadly, we go home tomorrow. I can’t wait to share our holiday snaps – I have a whole week’s worth of posts lined up!

For now, I just want to state for the record how proud I am of myself for actually relaxing this week. In fact, I’ve been so relaxed that today I sat down on the couch intending to read a magazine and within thirty seconds I was asleep. Perhaps there is hope for me after all.

Happy belated weekend to you all, and see you all back here next week! xo

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…a sneak peek of our holiday retreat. Funny how incapable I am of staying offline. Anyway, Rick is watching Daniel Craig in Quantum of Solace right now and I really should be with him on the couch, agreeing with him when he makes comments like how awesome and sexy Range Rovers are. (Okay, I can’t remember what his exact words were but it’s highly feasible he would’ve uttered something like that.) Holiday movie date nights are the best.

Nighty night!

Leaving on a jet plane…

Well, not quite but we’re taking off for a holiday real soon and we’re a little beside ourselves with excitement.

Rick is looking forward to the drive (naturally) and I’m hoping to use the break to catch up on all those thirty minute walks I’ve been meaning to take this last month. The boys, meanwhile, are excited about watching Play School in a different location, as per our last holiday.

I’m also hoping fantasising that I might be able to just sit and do nothing, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. I guess we’ll see, eh?

Packing starts tomorrow – bring it on, I say!

This August break is soooo good. It’s simply wonderful not feeling the need to be glued to the internet. I’ve already started on my list of scrapbooking and ‘photobooking’ (that’s a word, right?) projects for the month and I’ve also been getting bed a tad earlier than usual (which in Ronnie speak, is a huge deal). Oh, and I’ve been reading. Not RSS feeds, but a good, old-fashioned book. A sure sign that I’m letting my internet hair down, my friends.

On the first day of our holidays last month, we attended the wedding of my dear friend Anny. It was a simple and beautiful ceremony, held outside the Flying Fish restaurant at Jones Bay Wharf during sunset. Afterwards, we were all invited to the most beautiful recetion dinner inside the infamous eatery. The food was indescribably perfect (think popcorn prawns and crabs, crabs and more crabs!), and as you can see, I couldn’t get enough of the hanging light installation.

And yes, that was the Flying Fish loo. Notice anything fishy? Why, you could see right into the cubicles! Fancy my horror surprise. Fortunately, the glass was smart and became translucent when it ‘sensed’ that I was inside. Otherwise, it could’ve gotten awkward with my friend Sal (yes, she’s the one pretty in pink)….

Happy belated weekend! xo

A bit of eye candy

Costume jewellery rings: the mum’s answer to accessorising (no more ear lobes getting pulled off or getting choked around the neck).

That is all.

It is night-time. I notice that the boys’ bedroom light is on. Again.

I am not pleased.

I go into their room, give Angus the sternest look I can muster and flick the light switch off.

Me: “Don’t turn the light on again, okay Angus? Do you understand?”

Angus: “I think so mummy.”

* * *

In the car. I’m trying to explain to Angus why he is not to push Pete again.

Me: “It is not loving to push other people. And Pete is your brother. So please don’t push him again, okay? Angus?”


Angus: “I’m a good pusher, mummy!”

* * *

Several moments later…

Angus: “My favorite toy is a Land Rover.”

* * *

Outside. Somewhere.

Me: “Oh my goodness!”

Angus: “Oh my goodness!”

Me: “Oh. My. Goodness.”

* * *

Lunchtime. I am trying to convince Pete to stop pouring milk all over himself.

Me: “Listen to me Pete!”

Angus: “Listen to me too, Pete!”

Me: “Pete, listen to mummy!”

Angus: “Pete, listen to Angus!”

* * *

Me: “How did you take off Pete’s sleeping bag?”

Angus: “I undo the button, undo the zip and take it off!”

* * *

Morning. I am still in bed. My blindfolds are still on.

Angus runs in. I feel little hands trying to take my blindfolds off.

Angus: “Mummy, it’s time to wake up because it’s not night time anymore.”

* * *

Me: “Have you done a big poo?”

Angus: “I need to go to daddy.”

Me: “Yes you do. Go now.”

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Pure joy

A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A moment to pause, savor and remember. Inspired by Amanda.

Father and son

Today I am very tired.

So tired that all I had energy for this morning was to sit on the couch with Jamie on my lap as I watched Angus and Pete systematically take out all their toys from their hiding places (okay, slight exaggeration, but it sure looked like all the toys were out and partying).

Occasionally I tried to interact with them, and no, I didn’t forget to feed them, but mostly I was Zombie Mummy. Never heard of that term before? Look it up. You’ll see my photo.

Currently they are all asleep and Zombie Mummy here is just hoping that maybe they will all remain in said state until their Super Dad returns home from his conference and dons his super hero cape once more.

Anyway, these photos were snapped back in summer earlier this year. It was after our lunch at the Awaba cafe in Balmoral, and Angus had wanted to play on the beach. So Rick rolled up his pants and led him onto the sand and out towards the water while Pete and I watched on from a bench (little Jamie was still in utero).

I love seeing Rick and Angus together like this. Theirs is a special and unique bond that can never be broken.

Hey good-looking…

I have to say – I love a good-looking cafe. (Yes, I’m shallow like that.)

And in my opinion, Awaba is a hot contender.

Not only does it overlook the gorgeous Balmoral Beach, but I just love the white base palette, the use of raw concrete, the curvy chairs, the split level and the floor-to-ceiling windows.

The result is a cafe space that seems much bigger than it really is and unusual geometric lines wherever you look.

You like?