July 2011

Three words

Three words: Scrapbooking, scrapbooking, scrapbooking.

In case you are wondering, I shall be spending tonight in front of the television watching Britain’s Next Top Model while scrapbooking. (Yes, I am that woman.)

So without further ado, happy weekend everyone! Hope you all get out and about (and avoid watching mindless TV like yours truly).

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Yesterday morning as I was drying my hair, Angus sat quietly on our bed and watched me.

As I packed away the hair dryer and turned around to look at him, he said, “Your hair is beautiful, mummy.”

We then lay on the bed side by side for some time as he held my hair in his hand.

“I’m playing with your hair, mummy.”

“Yes you are, little man.”

Such are the moments in the day that make me smile – both inside and out.

Is there anything more beautiful than being a mum?

I’ve been thinking for awhile now about my ‘online footprint.’ While I love blogging and all things to do with social media, there’s no denying that it sucks up spare time. Spare time that I don’t have a lot of these days with three under three.

This last week has had me contemplating what I can possibly do without online so as to try and minimise my so-called online footprint. The outcome is that I made the drastic move of deleting my Flickr account yesterday (despite their endless automated prompts to reconsider) and I’ve also decided to merge my other photo blog with this one.

So as part of the 2011 August Break, I’ll be sharing here some old posts from my other blog – apologies in advance if you’ve come across some of them already!

Speaking of the August Break, I think it’s such an awesome idea. Thanks to Mon, otherwise I wouldn’t even have known about it. Even though it’s not summer here in Sydney, I love the idea of a break from the expectations of ‘regular blogging.’ Hopefully it will give me a chance to (start and) finish off a few more scrapbooking projects (the list is never-ending, I tell you) as well as spend some more time with Rick and the little men.

And maybe, just maybe, some extra time in the evenings for me….

This week…

This week…

… I have been hiding out a bit, in both the online and offline world. Life has been a little hard-going, and I’ve needed the time to just step back and be – still.

… I had my husband home again, and it has been lovely sipping cups of tea alongside each other and turning off the lights together before bedtime.

… we have been indoors a lot due to the constant rain. On Thursday I brought out the Play Doh, and Pete had his first proper play. It was so much fun watching his fingers poking, prodding, pressing and moulding. Naturally, he also tried to eat it.

… I have been reading chapters 1 and 2 of The Big Picture Bible to all three boys. Even Jamie seemed happy to take part, with his constant cooing and babbling.

… I noticed how big Jamie is getting, and how he will soon outgrow the cradle.

… I have been laughing out loud as I read old letters and cards, dating all the way back to primary school. It reminded me of how much I love my school friends, and how precious those school years were – when our lives were consumed with the simple joys of learning, studying, joking round and laughing.

… I finished designing two photo books which are now waiting to be printed. They complement the memoir book that I recently completed and have similarly been two years in the making.

… I have culled, de-cluttered, re-organised. And loved it.

… I have grown increasingly excited about a new idea.

… I have loved watching Angus and Pete play and laugh with each other. They are such cool brothers.

… Jamie turned four months, and every day he continues to make my heart sing.

… marks the end of our seventh year of marriage, and the beginning of our eighth.

… has been another week to be thankful for.

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Saturday Specials

// Strolling in the dark…
// Sitting with Gung Gung
// Waking up from the midday nap…
// Mucking around in the dark…

How awesome is my mum?

Rick was away for the weekend and so my dear mum came to stay with me to offer some moral support.

Turns out she did a lot more than that. Not only did she help me entertain, feed and bathe the boys each day, she even let me sleep in till almost eleven while she single-handedly got the boys out of bed, made them breakfast, fed them breakfast and then kept them happy while I snoozed and snoozed and snoozed some more.

I hope I will be just as awesome one day.

How was everyone else’s weekend?

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Birthday wrap up!

My birthday treats this year…

  • Starting the day with a home-cooked breakfast by the hubby
  • Being taken out to a Korean bento lunch by my parents
  • Finding myself a chunky poncho knit top… thing (clearly I’m no style blogger)
  • Seeing Pete give Bob the Builder a very serious-looking (and pouty) hug
  • Enjoying one-on-one time with little Jamie on my favourite chair
  • Having Rick and Angus sing “Happy birthday to mummy” and blowing out the candle on my pink frosted cupcake
  • Eating said cupcake with Rick, Angus and Pete (yup, icing and all)
  • Watching Angus and Pete run wild in Pete’s cot before bedtime – who knew a small cage could be so much fun?
  • Poaching prawns and dipping them in soy sauce
  • Sharing a big piece of tiramisu with Rick (I’m a good wifey)
  • And last but not least: watching the final Harry Potter in 3D (no, I did not dress up as Hermione – or Harry for that matter).

Thanks to everyone for their birthday messages – wishing you all a sun-soaked weekend!

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So I turned thirty-one yesterday which means I’ve officially entered my fourth decade of life. I can still remember turning sixteen and now I’m almost double that. Crazy, I tell you.

Anyway, it all began with a hearty breakfast yesterday – cooked by my better half who knows that I love nothing more than good old scrambled eggs with butter on toast.

In lieu of more words, I give you these photos. More to come later…

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Saturday specials

// Finishing off some scrapbooking…
// Reading the cafe menu…
// Conversing on the driveway…
// Indulging in tri-flavoured wafers…
// Catching up with great friends…

It’s true. I’ve finally finished off a ‘memoir book’ of sorts that traces our relationship/marriage these last seven years: from courting, being engaged, getting married, falling pregnant, losing Cameron, giving birth to Angus, giving birth to Pete, falling pregnant with Jamie and all the adventures in between.

I’ve had the idea for two years now and I’ve finally done it. The sense of satisfaction is almost indescribable but more importantly, I’ve loved reliving all those beautiful and significant moments of our life together. It’s reminded me of how blessed I am to be married to such a wonderful man. No, he is not perfect. But he is perfect for me.

(Don’t tell my endocrinologist about those wafers. They’re probably not what he had in mind when he told me on Thursday that I needed to change – read: improve – my diet if I were to delay the inevitable onset of diabetes. But you guys, those wafers are like the yummiest snack ever. That makes it okay, right? No? Okay. No more after I finish this packet…)

This week has been wrought with stress, anxiety and exhaustion. But we’ve made it, and I’m still here.

It’s a good thing I announced the end of my outfit snaps last week because almost every day this week I’ve been wearing the same clothes as I was wearing last week. Ew, I know, but that’s the way life goes.

Some precious moments from this week:

Jamie had his first proper tummy time. Yes, it only took me three and a half months to remember to give my baby tummy time.

Pete has added “go” to his vocabulary list. Traffic controller, it is.

Angus started using (practice) chopsticks and was able to pick up sultanas all by himself! That’s my half-Asian boy. Oh, and one evening he told me to “go away and cook some dinner for daddy.”

And tonight, when I mentioned over dinner that my feet were freezing, Rick took off his socks and put them on my feet! Now that’s true love.

Anyway, it’s been freezing in Sydney so what better way to beat the chills than by dreaming of a warm summer afternoon by the poolside.

(I know the shed looks like it’s tipping over in that last photo, but in reality, I was simply incapable of holding my iPhone straight. They really should tell you stuff like that: “In your final months of pregnancy, you will be not able to take straight photos. Deal with it.”)

Happy weekend everyone!

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In Pa’s arms…

A single photo – no words – capturing a moment from the week. A moment to pause, savor and remember. Inspired by Amanda.