May 2011

Around the corner

The street around the corner from our home is dotted with beautiful maple trees (yes I have a slight obsession with them). I’ve been wanting to photograph them for more than a month now. Today, finally, I pulled over in the sprinkling rain and got out my trusty iPhone. Miraculously, there was no-one screaming in the back of the car – James was sleeping peacefully (for once) while Pete was happily munching on a Kruskit (yes, he does that a lot). I suspect I looked like I was spying on the house with the white picket fence but hopefully the fact that I had two little kids in the back of the car balanced out any creepiness I may or may not have exuded to an unknowing passer by. Anyway, I’ve loved driving home under the arch of these beautiful trees, and will definitely be sad to see them lose their golden colour in a month’s time.

Rainy Monday

It rained heavily today. Rather relentlessly too. It meant that we stayed home all day, which actually didn’t bother me at all. It was nice to have some quiet down time with the boys. Far from being bored, Angus managed to entertain himself with activities like pretending to go camping in a tent and getting out his tool set in order to ‘fix’ his green car. There is no doubt that Mason blood runs through his veins. Meanwhile, Pete chased the big blue ball around the home and attempted to turn on the television to watch Play School every now and again. Scarily enough, he seems to be getting increasingly better at using the remote.

Rick decided to work from home today as well, so I kindly offered him the use of my studio whilst I set up a makeshift office at the dining table. I occupied the end next to the armchair, which is normally loaded with laundry waiting to be put away. Miraculously, today, I found the time to do this. Meanwhile, even though Jamie was in no mood to go down for day sleeps (this he made clear through high-pitched screaming), he seemed perfectly happy and content lying in his rocker at my feet, watching me as I paid bills and drank tea.

Not too bad for a rainy Monday.

Saturday specials

Like most other people, I love Saturday mornings.

Even though Saturday is not officially our day off, Rick gets to work from home so there’s no morning ‘rush’ as such. We don’t have to hurry the boys through their breakfast, and I don’t need to stress about packing everyone’s things in order to leave the house by nine o’clock.

Instead, I get to do things which I wouldn’t otherwise get to do on any other morning.

For example, this Saturday morning I got to:

// take my time with my toiletry
// look out the front door
// have fun with Angus
// take photos of the family
// lay out my clothes for the day
// and witness a tender moment between Rick and Jamie.

Love these Saturday specials.

Go the slouchy

Just as I suspected – the slouchy top is like the perfect answer to a post baby body. It drapes over all those ‘bits’ and makes even a belly like mine seem nondescript. Together with my Spanx and jeggings, the slouchy top is now officially one of my fashion favourites. And look – no black! Happy weekend people!

Back to work!

So I’m kind of back to work again in that I’ve taken on a few design jobs for my various clients. I’ve had quite a long break actually: a whole two and a half months. I have to say that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed freeing my mind from the mechanics of running a business and the urgency of meeting a deadline. Unfortunately the down side to taking a break when you’re a designer, is that it then takes quite a long time for the creative juices to kick in again.

This morning I sat at my desk for what seemed like a very long time (but in reality was only about half an hour) and just stared at the blank page in front of me. Normally I love a blank canvas but today it intimidated me. It stared defiantly back at me in fact. But I persevered (despite the stereo sound of two boys crying in turn in the background – so very conducive to creative output, I tell you). And with the help of two coffees, pinterest and awesome design blogs like designlovefest and AisleOne, I somehow, miraculously, managed to meet my deadlines today. Yeeha!

Oh and that’s Pete looking all grown up and at home on the couch. He’s finally worked out that it’s actually quite comfortable just sitting. And the remote – I can’t seem to keep him away from it. It attracts him like a magnet. And let me assure you he knows how to use it too: from pointing it at the television to turning the machine on to even changing channels.

(You might notice that his hair is looking a bit shorter here. I finally gave in yesterday and permitted Rick to ‘trim’ his hair. But now it looks all funny and I miss his curls terribly! But at least people might stop asking me if he’s a girl. Hopefully.)

I have to say that Autumn is fast becoming my favourite season of the year. It’s cold enough to warrant more layers than just your flimsy t-shirt, yet it’s still pleasant enough to allow you to spend time outdoors. I also love what Autumn does to maple trees: they literally seem to come alive during this time of the year. Every time we drive past one, I have this almost primal urge to jump out and capture the golden beauty of the tree on my humble camera. Their warmth and brightness uplift me everytime and they remind me poignantly of Hollywood classics like Autumn in New York and, of course, When Harry Met Sally. Walking under maple trees like this one at Wahroongah Park is probably the closest I’ll ever get to feeling like I’m in Central Park…

From my second mum

These carnations were from my mother-in-law on Mother’s Day (mixed with some of the flowers from the bunch that Rick and the boys got me), and below is the card that she wrote – isn’t it just so beautiful? I have to say that I think I have the best mother-in-law in the world. She is like my second mum. Actually, she is my second mum…

This is what I sang to James last night to the tune of Hey Jude:

Hey you, your mummy’s here.
Don’t you worry, I’m going to feed you.
Remember to drink up all of your milk!
Then you will feel a whole lot better…

Music by The Beatles; lyrics by yours truly.

Who would’ve known I had it in me?

Not I.

The perfect playground, a Narnian lamp post, a funny joke, the tenth coffee of the week, the soup of the day and a well-deserved rest…

All look same?

I just had the funniest (and slightly worrying) conversation with RIck.

Me: What’s the name of the Asian Wiggle?
Rick: What do you mean, there’s no Asian Wiggle!
Me: Yes there is, the one who’s always falling asleep…
Rick: You mean Jeff?
Me: That’s the one – he’s Asian!
Rick: No he’s not.
Me: Yes he is.
Rick: No way!
Me: Are you kidding me – how can he not be Asian?

He then reached for my iPhone and Googled it.

Oh and guess what? Jeff Fatt is Chinese, and is in fact “one of the most popular Asian performers in the world.”

Thank you internet, Google and Wikipedia.

I really don’t know what to make of this, except that perhaps being married to an Asian has somehow dulled Rick’s ethnic senses? Which then makes me wonder – what would he say about Dorothy the Dinosaur….?

(Did you know that All Look Same is now a blog?)