April 2011

Glamming it up

Okay, it’s the royal wedding, so I’m not going to waste anybody’s time.

I was going to get out my tiara and my princess gown to mark the occasion but one is being polished and the other’s at the dry cleaners. So this plebian yellow cardigan and white scarf will have to do instead. You’ll also notice how my hair is all frizzy – clearly I’m glamming it up today. Anyway, I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see Kate’s dress! Personally, I hope she doesn’t go with puffy sleeves – not exactly my preferred choice of fashion detail. But she’s the one marrying the prince, so really, she can wear whatever she wants.

Here’s to the happy couple! (And flannel PJs I might add, which is what yours truly will on wearing during the live broadcast. As I said – glamming it up.)

The banana song

Remember how I mentioned that I broke my favourite pair of glasses a couple of months ago? Well, the store managed to replace them for me and here they are once more gracing my rather wide big head. Can’t begin to describe how happy I am about this – no more silly purple frames that look like I’m trying to colour co-ordinate my glasses with my outfit.

I know that I’ve been posting a lot of photos of Angus rather than Pete lately. Don’t worry, the little guy is still around. It’s just that he’s constantly on the move now and it’s next to impossible to try and get him to be still enough to take a photo that doesn’t blur (except when he’s strapped into the car seat, as he is below). Tornado Pete, I call him.

And if you’re an avid Play School fan like me, that’s “one banana, two bananas, three bananas, four….”

From here to there

This is the path from the boys’ play room to the front of the living room, where the television resides and the windows overlook the front yard.

Many times a day, Angus and Pete will walk past the danish teak cabinet, past the large black bookcase and past the black vinyl chair to reach one of their favourite spots in the house: the place where they get to watch Play School.

An afternoon stroll, an unexpected delivery, a red balloon, a road trip, a one month old, a sign of autumn…

A strange glow

This is what I wore for three or four days in a row this week. That is how lazy I am.

I can’t believe it’s Easter already. I can’t believe James is already one month old. I can’t believe we have somehow managed to take care of three children for thirty days! I can’t believe how foggy my mind is right now (actually no, I can believe that) and how long it’s taking me to write this very short post.

Anyway, if you look closely enough at this photo, you will detect a strange glow surrounding my head and shoulders. No, it is not my halo. Nor is it the strength of my fake tan. It’s in fact the glow of our bedroom lamp, which I have successfully hidden with my body. Mmmm… my shoulders must be broader than I thought.


I know, I know, it’s really late. But I’m determined to stick to my new blogging schedule.

I’m like that, you know. Highly committed. Conscientious. Stubborn. Foolish. Addicted to the internet.

Anyway, in the interest of saving time, I’m going with the good old point form:

1) Since James’ arrival, generous people have been buying and baking us cookies, brownies and all sorts of lovely sweets.

2) I have been eating these sweets.

3) Frequently.

4) Without self-control.

5) Often instead of lunch.

6) This is not good.

7) So I have decided to stop.

8) In the interests of not becoming permanently diabetic anytime soon, I have decided to restrain myself.

9) Henceforth, I shall snack on only one sweet thing a day.

10) Just one.

11) And today, this is what I had: a smartie cookie.

12) Actually, I only ate half.

13) Which means tomorrow, I get to eat one and a half sweet things.

14) Sweet!

Photo booth Wednesdays

One thing you should know about us Masons – we’re not ashamed to use that Photo Booth application! I hereby declare Wednesdays a photo booth day – a day where you get to see just how silly and shameless (and oh so very fun) we are here at casa Mason.

Today, Angus turns two and a half! So I thought I’d kick off the photo booth series by digging up something from the archives that always brings a smile to my face. It’s amazing how much these shots of Angus remind me of James, especially the head-propping technique that Rick is so skilfully showcasing here.

Life has definitely been much more colorful since Angus came into this world two and a half years ago. Just yesterday in the car, he called out, “Mummy! No roof!” I looked over to where he was pointing and sure enough there was a red convertible driving by.

And when Rick and I confuse Pete and James’ names (which I am ashamed to say happens every few minutes or so), Angus is always there to correct us: “No daddy – baby James!” or “No mummy – Peter!”

Thanks little man – what would we do without you?

The colour red

Red is the colour of strawberries, which I love to blend with milk and honey to make thick and tasty smoothies.

Red is the colour of my two favourite Japanese restaurants – Mitzu in North Ryde and Jugemu in Neutral Bay. One serves the freshest salmon sushi and the other does an utterly delectable spinach salad.

Red is the colour of Rick’s old schoolbag when he was in kindergarten. It is actually a small suitcase, and inscribed on the inside is the word “Junk” in Rick’s youthful handwriting. We still have it in our home today – we use it to store Angus’ wooden train set.

Red is the colour of Peter and Mary’s Range Rover. They lent it to us when we needed to drive down to a wedding in Wagga Wagga with our friends Mike and Nikki. I remember clearly Rick’s excitement at finally being able to drive his dad’s Land Rover. Nowadays, Angus calls it “Pa’s big red car.”

Red is also the colour of Angus’ toy motorbike – a present from my friends to him on his first birthday. To me, the red motorbike is a novel reminder of the motorbike that Rick used to ride when we first started dating…

Red was the colour of my roses bouquet the day Rick and I got married. They were a rich, wine red and they stood out starkly against the ivory white of my wedding dress.

Red was the colour of my ‘qi pao’ which I wore to our Chinese banquet the next day. I remember how the ‘qi pao’ fitted me like a second skin and how I never wore it again after that night.

Red was the colour of the twelve roses Rick gave me on our first Valentines Day together as husband and wife. It was the first time he’d ever bought me flowers.

Red was the colour of Cameron’s lips. They were a dark, crimson red. For the rest of my life, I will never forget those beautiful, precious lips…

Red is the colour of the dress I wore on Christmas day, three months after Cameron’s death. The colour and vibrance of the dress masked the heavy grief that weighed down my heart.

Red is the colour of the spare chair in my studio. When Rick comes home on Friday and Sunday nights, he often finds me working at my desk. He sits down on the red chair, I swivel around in mine and then we talk and share and catch up on how each of our evenings went. I looked forward to those chats a lot. They are the rare moments of the week when it’s just the two of us.


One of the many colours of life.

Home, sweet home

I’ve always been a bit of a homebody, and since having children, I’ve been spending even more time at home than before. So inspired by Sally J Shim’s blog, I’ve decided to share a glimpse our home every now and then – through both imagery and words.

Here is the first glimpse: my favourite chair in the house. It’s an old, second-hand chair that I found on eBay when we moved into our home at the beginning of last year. It caught my eye at the time because of it’s unique teal colour. I just love this pre-loved and oversized chair. It’s in a corner of the house which overlooks the front yard. During those rare moments of the day when the boys are all down and the house is all quiet, I like to come here to sit and just stare outside with a cup of tea in my hand…

Jackets that match

You know, earlier today my brain was teeming over with inspiration for words to go into this post. But now that it’s 9.30pm at night, all I have to say is this: the laundry is sorted.

No wait, that’s not true. I do have something to say about my outfit today: I fit into normal jeans again! High five for moi. Also, I would like to say for the record that Rick does have a jacket that looks suspiciously similar to this one. However, I should also clarify for the record that he did get his first. And rest assured, we will not be wearing them together at the same time. (Actually, he’s wearing his tonight and I’m wearing mine right now, but I’m home and he’s out so it doesn’t count.)

Happy friday y’all!