June 2010

You know your baby’s a tad fat when:

1) His legs are thicker than your own mother’s calves;

2) You almost toppled over at mother’s group whilst picking him up;

3) His cheeks wobble when he laughs;

4) His thigh rolls remind you of the Michelin man every time you change him; and

5) Your doctor suggests that you might want to consider diluting his formula…

Still, I’m not complaining because Pete is a mega (ha!) cute baby, and he is simply thriving. Plus, I don’t have to worry about him not putting on weight and I’m sure that my arms are more toned than ever before.

We do need to find a new cot for him though (so much for keeping him in his fancy Cariboo basinette for six months!), and we need to get a car seat for Angus ASAP so that we can swap Pete over into his. At most, we are a week or so away from his head actually poking out of the baby capsule. As it is, his little round head keeps bumping the handle bars every time I try and get him out of it.

I just can’t get over what a dream baby he is. He naps during the day, and he sleeps well at night. He giggles, he laughs, he smiles and he coos all day long. He feeds well, and he poos only once a day.

This little roly poly man makes me want to keep having babies.


Dangerous child, he is.

Last week I Googled “how to wear skinny jeans with a muffin top” and was highly disappointed that the top results were about eating properly and exercising.

I wanted a miracle product. Not sensible advice. My endocrinologist could’ve given me that.

Thankfully as I scrolled down the page, there were more interesting results.

Two in particular stood out: Spanx shapewear and Adjust a Button.

The concept of Adjust a Button strongly appealed – but I was quite sure that moving my jeans button 2 centimetres to the left was going to do squat for my particular brand of ‘muffin-top-ness’ that comes from having three babies in two and a half years.

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As my Twitter followers will know, I have been pretty sick these last few days.

One thing that has helped to make me feel a little better is this curious-looking bottle of Chinese cough syrup, something which my mum used to give me when I was little girl.

Ingredients include:

Fritillaria Verticillata, Bulb
Eriobotrya Japonica, Leaf.
Adenophora Verticillata, Root.
Citrus Reticulata, Peel.
Platycodon Grandiflorum, Root.
Trichosanthes Kirilowii, Seed Kernel.
Polygala Sibirica, Root.
Prunus Armeniaca, Seed Kernel.
Gycyrrihiza Glabra, Root.
and… (wait for it)
Honey and Sucrose Syrup.

I know the ingredients sound like they’re straight out of a Harry Potter novel and the packaging doesn’t exactly shout modern, contemporary or ‘Drink me!’, but this syrup sure does a darn good job of putting out the fire In my throat, even if only temporarily. I’ll take even five minutes of relief any day.

It tastes amazing too (um, probably because of that wicked last ingredient), something that can’t often be said about Chinese medicinal stuff.

Unfortunately, you can overdose on it so make sure you don’t consume more than 75mL a day (and don’t consume any at all if you are diabetic or pregnant).

Available from any drabby looking Chinese grocery store near you. (If it’s not drabby looking, it probably won’t stock this.)

Drip, drip, drip

Drip, drip, drip. The sound of dripping blood as our former Prime Minister slowly attempts to pull out the knife from his back.

Poor Kevin. I know the last thing he needs or wants is my sympathy but he’s getting it anyway.

I’m no political correspondent, but I’m guessing that on a scale of 1 to 10, what happened to Kevin Rudd these last twenty-four hours would rate a high 10 on the political betrayal odometer?

And betrayal is no fun.

Especially not for a man who’s worked his entire life towards being PM, and who was clearly the one who led his party to victory less than three years ago.

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I was going to let this one go, but clearly I’m not over it, so thus goes my rant:

I placed my iPad pre-order on the morning that pre-ordering became available here in Australia, or precisely 11.27am Eastern Standard Time on Monday the 10th of May to be exact.

And so began the longest eighteen days in the history of mankind, as my brain counted down to Friday the 28th of May, the day Apple promised to deliver my iPad by, according to that infamous Apple Store Order Acknowledgment.

Checked my Visa card intermittently for the first two weeks, slightly bemused that nothing had yet been deducted.

Not so amused by the time the third week came around. Still no credit card debit. Still nothing from that Apple Online Order Status which simply continued to reassure me that I would have my iPad by May 28th.

Still, I did not lose faith. I had confidence in Apple. Yes I did.

Tuesday 25th of May. Innocent question from Rick: “So is your iPad going to arrive this Friday?” Uneasiness in my throat begins its evil descent into the pit of my tummy.

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Playgroup platypus

So I was never that big a fan of craft when I was in primary school, so I was rather relieved when that part of my life was over and done with.

Who would’ve thought that some eighteen years later, I would be in the craft zone once again, this time doing it for my son at playgroup?

Now, I’m no craft expert but this looks half-decent, no?

It’s a platypus, in case you haven’t figured it out.

And I would give it a name, except that I’ve already thrown it out.

If you are a reader of this blog, you may have noticed the unprofessional absence of a decent About page.

Many a night have I lain awake brooding over this, yet finding a one hour block in the day when I could actually sit down and work out what to put on such a daunting page has been next to impossible.

But I have finally done it.

I’ve finally written this dreaded About page which apparently every blog is meant to have, without which you can’t call your blog a blog.

And in true form, I’ve written an essay.

Please read.