December 2009

Yet again it is the end of the year, and yet again it is time to archive all those posts I started writing these last few months but never got to finishing (slacker!).

So, in the spirit of de-cluttering, spring-cleaning, and keeping things simple, a concise, ten-point (or so) summary of my half-complete ramblings thus ensues:

1. I engineered a sensational Aperture rating system that surely rivals any state or federal library cataloguing system.

2. I finally understood that ‘lay’ is the present tense of ‘laid’ and also the past tense of ‘lie’ and its past participle in the latter context is ‘lain’.

3. We de-cluttered.

4. We packed.

5. We moved.

6. Rick. Passed. College.

7. We threw Angus his first birthday party! (And survived.)

8. I dreamt about Rick giving Angus expressed breast milk from a dog(!).

9. I fell down the stairs at Newtown, five days before we were due to move, seven months pregnant and all. It hurt. A lot.

10. Angus started walking! Talk about being a proud mummy.

11. The results came back. No gestational diabetes. Third time lucky…

12. I developed a newfound obsession for everything retro/EAMES/60s, which is just a tad obvious from the decor of our new home. I blame Belle magazine.

13. We now live in more than four rooms. And I have a desk and a studio once more.

Here’s to 2009 – bring on 2010!