October 2009

Watermelons & enlightenment

There’s nothing like shopping in a suburb like Newtown – a place where young, hip, skinny, tall, beautiful, and did I mention skinny, girls like to shop – to make you feel just a teeny weensy tad inadequate about your body image.

Mary, Rick’s mum, had kindly come over today to help look after Angus in order to free me up to run errands and do scrapbooking (the latter never happened).

Given the little opportunity I have to go window shopping nowadays, I decided to pop into Joshua & Sean as part of my King Street errand-running streak. There were these two dresses by the Brazilian label Totem that I had spied some days before which I thought would be uber-cool to try on.

No sooner had I pulled them over my head did I realise that I did not look uber-cool.

Instead, I looked like a watermelon. A nicely decorated watermelon at that, but a watermelon nonetheless.

I’d clearly forgotten that I was almost five months pregnant when I’d optimistically pictured myself looking good in the dresses.

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Tonight was the first time in a very long while that I actually had the chance to sit down and attempt to conjure up some exciting content for this blog.

But as luck or evil would have it, Speed was on television.

Now, what woman in her late (um, very late) twenties can resist the young Keanu Reeves with his crew cut and FBI badge, the innocent Sandra Bullock with her unfortunate sparse fringe and uncanny ability to drive a bus, frequent explosions, an ex-cop psychopath, a killer cliche dialogue, and a bus that refuses to go under 50 miles an hour?

And so I spent two hours tonight watching lifts, buses, planes, and trains being blown up instead of being constructive and actually doing some writing.

Which explains why I am now sitting here in bed at 12am in the morning, drumming up this somewhat incoherent rant.

Yet I am still going to post this rant on my blog, because the ONE THING on my to-do list for today was to update this blog, and so for the sake of my self-esteem and self-worth, this will go online.

Even if no-one ‘diggs’ this or adds this to their Delicious account, at least I will be able to open the Things app on my iPhone, tap on the Today view, check the one task that reads ‘Pink Ronnie,’ and thus be imbued with a sense of achievement for having done something. Anything.

Alas, there were so many other interesting things that I could’ve written about if it wasn’t for Keanu.

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