May 2009

We have reclaimed the study and studio by purchasing a little portable tent – otherwise known as the Baby Nation Sleep Easy UV – for Angus to sleep in during the day.

We prop it up on our bed and Angus goes down like a dream in it. It probably took him only once or twice to get used to. He is such a co-operative little man.

Anyway, this has made all the difference to my neck and back, because now I can sit at my work desk in a proper physio-friendly position again.

It’s almost like I have my own office again. (So much for giving it up.)

One thing’s for certain: I cannot wait till we move to a bigger place.

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After my miscarriage two and a half weeks ago, I haven’t really felt much like writing, hence lack of Pink Ronnie updates.

I’ve also been wiped out with work. Wiped Out. I don’t even want to talk about it, it’s that bad.

But now I have to put my head down and WRITE. Because I’m planning to submit a manuscript for a writing competition. But guess what? The deadline is 30th May. Yes, 30th May. Today is the 18th. So that gives me officially twelve days. Or less if you factor in time for sleeping, eating, bathing, drinking coffee, procrastinating and looking after our handsome little guy.

I can do it. Yes I can, yes I can, yes I can.

I just need to hone my Asian cramming skills (please don’t let our kids take after me). And who cares if I look and feel like a zombie for two more weeks?

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