April 2009

Happy six months Angus!

Once upon a time there was a little boy called Angus who turned six months.

His mummy and daddy decided it was time to start giving him solids to eat.

Angus wasn’t so sure about the idea.

As daddy strapped him into his rocker in the kitchen and put a little bib on him, he knew something was up.

Mummy came closer and closer with a funny-looking green plastic spoon and a funny-looking green plastic bowl, and Angus grew more and more nervous.

Why weren’t they putting him on their lap like they always did?

And why was his bottle nowhere to be seen?

The spoon came closer and closer to little Angus’ mouth.

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Remember those six Amazon baby-napping books that I ordered?

Well, despite the hefty freight cost of shipping them all the way from the US, it was totally worth it.

I cannot sing the praises of one particular book enough: Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by a paediatrician called Dr Marc Weissbluth.

I know that many are cynical about books, much less ones by a doctor with a funny name, but this one is a true gem.

This one saved us.

Dr Weissbluth (giggle) explains at length the actual importance of ‘healthy sleep, the five elements that make up ‘healthy sleep’ and then he has real, practical strategies for parents to implement if they so wish.

This is not a book about how to cradle your baby or how to sing them to sleep or where to put them down to sleep (a good book for that is The No-Cry Nap Solution by Elizabeth Pantley). Nor is it a book about routines like The Baby Whisperer or Baby Wise (both great books as well).

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Mobile rings.

Me: Hello, Rhonda speaking.

X: Bonnie? Is that Bonnie?

Me: No, who are you looking for?

X: Are you the owner or manager there?

Me (starting to regret answering the phone): Yes, how can I help you?

X: I’m calling from the Accor group and I have great news for you. We have decided to offer you a personal invitation to become a member of our Accor Advantage Plus program.

Me (definitely regretting answering the call): Right…

X: How often do you go traveling?

Me: Almost never.

X: How often do you dine out? Twice a week? Twice a month?

Me: Maybe once a month.

X (clearly reading from a script): WELL (with great enthusiasm in her voice), from what you’ve told me, the Accor Advantage Plus is just perfect for you!

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The mother of it all

The latest on Angus’ so-called strawberry mark is that it’s not a strawberry mark at all.

Instead, it’s a pyogenic granuloma and apparently we can get rid of it by applying a cream called Aldara over the course of three to four weeks.

This is tremendously good news, because I honestly cannot take anymore of the bloody drama.

Just three days ago, after a peaceful night of sleep, we woke up to find Angus lying in what looked like a pool of blood in his cot.

His bandaid had come off once again, and he had scratched it so badly that there was blood everywhere. Everywhere. There was blood on his face, on his fingers, on his clothes and on his bedsheets. There was even blood in his eyes.

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Now that we are on a mission not to wake Angus from his naps, I have hardly had access to my desk and studio upstairs anymore. Since the other half of the studio is the nursery.

This is an unprecedented situation for me.

I have never in my life been without a desk before. I have always had a desk. Even since I was five and read about a little kid who set up his own office with a little table, a little chair and a fake telephone. That’s right, while other little girls liked to ‘play house’, I liked to ‘play office’.

I have also never been without unlimited access to a desktop computer. Ever since I was ten and my dad gave me my first DOS machine and taught me how to run the ‘dir’ command (which incidentally occupied me for hours on end).

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