Yet again it is the end of the year, and yet again it is time to archive all those posts I started writing these last few months but never got to finishing (slacker!).

So, in the spirit of de-cluttering, spring-cleaning, and keeping things simple, a concise, ten-point (or so) summary of my half-complete ramblings thus ensues:

1. I engineered a sensational Aperture rating system that surely rivals any state or federal library cataloguing system.

2. I finally understood that ‘lay’ is the present tense of ‘laid’ and also the past tense of ‘lie’ and its past participle in the latter context is ‘lain’.

3. We de-cluttered.

4. We packed.

5. We moved.

6. Rick. Passed. College.

7. We threw Angus his first birthday party! (And survived.)

8. I dreamt about Rick giving Angus expressed breast milk from a dog(!).

9. I fell down the stairs at Newtown, five days before we were due to move, seven months pregnant and all. It hurt. A lot.

10. Angus started walking! Talk about being a proud mummy.

11. The results came back. No gestational diabetes. Third time lucky…

12. I developed a newfound obsession for everything retro/EAMES/60s, which is just a tad obvious from the decor of our new home. I blame Belle magazine.

13. We now live in more than four rooms. And I have a desk and a studio once more.

Here’s to 2009 – bring on 2010!

Watermelons & enlightenment

There’s nothing like shopping in a suburb like Newtown – a place where young, hip, skinny, tall, beautiful, and did I mention skinny, girls like to shop – to make you feel just a teeny weensy tad inadequate about your body image.

Mary, Rick’s mum, had kindly come over today to help look after Angus in order to free me up to run errands and do scrapbooking (the latter never happened).

Given the little opportunity I have to go window shopping nowadays, I decided to pop into Joshua & Sean as part of my King Street errand-running streak. There were these two dresses by the Brazilian label Totem that I had spied some days before which I thought would be uber-cool to try on.

No sooner had I pulled them over my head did I realise that I did not look uber-cool.

Instead, I looked like a watermelon. A nicely decorated watermelon at that, but a watermelon nonetheless.

I’d clearly forgotten that I was almost five months pregnant when I’d optimistically pictured myself looking good in the dresses.

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Tonight was the first time in a very long while that I actually had the chance to sit down and attempt to conjure up some exciting content for this blog.

But as luck or evil would have it, Speed was on television.

Now, what woman in her late (um, very late) twenties can resist the young Keanu Reeves with his crew cut and FBI badge, the innocent Sandra Bullock with her unfortunate sparse fringe and uncanny ability to drive a bus, frequent explosions, an ex-cop psychopath, a killer cliche dialogue, and a bus that refuses to go under 50 miles an hour?

And so I spent two hours tonight watching lifts, buses, planes, and trains being blown up instead of being constructive and actually doing some writing.

Which explains why I am now sitting here in bed at 12am in the morning, drumming up this somewhat incoherent rant.

Yet I am still going to post this rant on my blog, because the ONE THING on my to-do list for today was to update this blog, and so for the sake of my self-esteem and self-worth, this will go online.

Even if no-one ‘diggs’ this or adds this to their Delicious account, at least I will be able to open the Things app on my iPhone, tap on the Today view, check the one task that reads ‘Pink Ronnie,’ and thus be imbued with a sense of achievement for having done something. Anything.

Alas, there were so many other interesting things that I could’ve written about if it wasn’t for Keanu.

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So I’ve been vomiting a lot, which is both funny and not so funny.

It is not so funny at the time, when I see my meals coming out in reverse.

It is funny a day or two afterwards, when I can see myself seeing my meals come out in reverse.

The reason for such vomiting is not because of my cooking (Ha! I say that like I cook!), or Rick’s cooking for that matter, but because I am pregnant again.

I remember how shocked I’d been when I lost my food mojo during the early weeks of my very first pregnancy with Cameron.

It was like my world had come crashing down: food was my one love (apart from Rick) – how was I meant to get by if I didn’t want to eat? What was there to look forward to? And what if my mojo never returned?

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It had to happen

It had to happen.

My very first ‘terrible mother’ moment, that is.

It was a month or so ago and I was getting ready to take Angus out for a walk.

I needed to put some make-up on because I looked rather scary from lack of sleep. So I propped Angus up in the middle of my pillow with my make-up case to keep him entertained.

As I stood at the bedroom mirror trying to hide the very unattractive bags under my eyes, I glanced over at Angus and saw him begin to sway like a little tree on the verge of falling down.

And let me say now that he was not swaying towards the inside of the bed. No, as bad mummy’s luck would have it, he swayed towards the SIDE of the bed. Yup, the side being the edge of the mattress, the other side of which was a drop down to the floor: a small drop for mummy, but a giant drop for a seven month old baby.

Looking back, I don’t know what on earth possessed me. Angus had only just started sitting up – how on earth did I think he would actually be okay propped up so precariously close to the edge of the bed?

But the worst part?

Even as I started to sprint to his rescue, I knew that I wasn’t going to make it. I knew he was going to hit the floor.

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We have reclaimed the study and studio by purchasing a little portable tent – otherwise known as the Baby Nation Sleep Easy UV – for Angus to sleep in during the day.

We prop it up on our bed and Angus goes down like a dream in it. It probably took him only once or twice to get used to. He is such a co-operative little man.

Anyway, this has made all the difference to my neck and back, because now I can sit at my work desk in a proper physio-friendly position again.

It’s almost like I have my own office again. (So much for giving it up.)

One thing’s for certain: I cannot wait till we move to a bigger place.

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After my miscarriage two and a half weeks ago, I haven’t really felt much like writing, hence lack of Pink Ronnie updates.

I’ve also been wiped out with work. Wiped Out. I don’t even want to talk about it, it’s that bad.

But now I have to put my head down and WRITE. Because I’m planning to submit a manuscript for a writing competition. But guess what? The deadline is 30th May. Yes, 30th May. Today is the 18th. So that gives me officially twelve days. Or less if you factor in time for sleeping, eating, bathing, drinking coffee, procrastinating and looking after our handsome little guy.

I can do it. Yes I can, yes I can, yes I can.

I just need to hone my Asian cramming skills (please don’t let our kids take after me). And who cares if I look and feel like a zombie for two more weeks?

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Happy six months Angus!

Once upon a time there was a little boy called Angus who turned six months.

His mummy and daddy decided it was time to start giving him solids to eat.

Angus wasn’t so sure about the idea.

As daddy strapped him into his rocker in the kitchen and put a little bib on him, he knew something was up.

Mummy came closer and closer with a funny-looking green plastic spoon and a funny-looking green plastic bowl, and Angus grew more and more nervous.

Why weren’t they putting him on their lap like they always did?

And why was his bottle nowhere to be seen?

The spoon came closer and closer to little Angus’ mouth.

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Remember those six Amazon baby-napping books that I ordered?

Well, despite the hefty freight cost of shipping them all the way from the US, it was totally worth it.

I cannot sing the praises of one particular book enough: Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by a paediatrician called Dr Marc Weissbluth.

I know that many are cynical about books, much less ones by a doctor with a funny name, but this one is a true gem.

This one saved us.

Dr Weissbluth (giggle) explains at length the actual importance of ‘healthy sleep, the five elements that make up ‘healthy sleep’ and then he has real, practical strategies for parents to implement if they so wish.

This is not a book about how to cradle your baby or how to sing them to sleep or where to put them down to sleep (a good book for that is The No-Cry Nap Solution by Elizabeth Pantley). Nor is it a book about routines like The Baby Whisperer or Baby Wise (both great books as well).

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Mobile rings.

Me: Hello, Rhonda speaking.

X: Bonnie? Is that Bonnie?

Me: No, who are you looking for?

X: Are you the owner or manager there?

Me (starting to regret answering the phone): Yes, how can I help you?

X: I’m calling from the Accor group and I have great news for you. We have decided to offer you a personal invitation to become a member of our Accor Advantage Plus program.

Me (definitely regretting answering the call): Right…

X: How often do you go traveling?

Me: Almost never.

X: How often do you dine out? Twice a week? Twice a month?

Me: Maybe once a month.

X (clearly reading from a script): WELL (with great enthusiasm in her voice), from what you’ve told me, the Accor Advantage Plus is just perfect for you!

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