June 2008

Recently Rick and I watched an episode of Trinny & Susannah whereby they help to solve a married couple’s problems by changing the way they look and giving them body chocolate, handcuffs and similar type stuff to help spice up their sex life.

They did say specifically that they weren’t “marriage counsellors” but it seemed the entire time that that was what they were trying to do – resolve their marital issues.

The ending shots of the episode showed the couple greeting each other happily in this beautifully romantic garden, both pleasantly surprised at the other’s makeover.

We are led to believe that they now find each other attractive again and together with the gift of those ‘spice up your sex life’ gizmos, they are now surely on their way to marital bliss. The last camera shot was particularly noteworthy – a slow panning away from the window of the luxurious honeymoon suite in which they will be spending the night.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I do enjoy watching Trinny & Susannah. I love their brutal honesty and their British humour. I also do enjoy their almost cruel style and fashion advice – in fact both Rick and I enjoy watching their various shows. Sometimes I suspect Rick is even tempted to take notes.

I guess I just have issue with their portrayal of how a marriage’s problems are solved. Sure, physical appearance and attraction have their importance and place in a marriage, but that surely is not the answer to everything.

Years of lack of communication and erosion of trust are not going to be rectified just by donning the right clothes. If that was the case, there would be no marriage breakdowns as long as there was a stylist in town.

Trinny and Susannah, marriage counsellors you are definitely not, but we love you for your clothing advice.

Now, if you wouldn’t mind doing a special on ‘How to look sexy whilst six months pregnant’, that would be great thanks.