Finally, the iPhone has launched – a day before my twenty-eighth birthday to be exact.

I remember I started dreaming about something like the iPhone not long after I bought my first mac for my design business almost three years ago now.

How great it would be to have a phone that synchronised with the contacts on my Mac, that would double as a PDA/organiser, that would also synchronise with my Entourage calendar and perhaps also my email if I was lucky. Maybe I could even use it to surf the Internet?

Then whilst chatting to my dear friend Sensei Tim and sharing with him this fantasy of mine, I was informed that Apple did intend to launch such an invention and that it would be called the iPhone.

That was at least two and a half years ago. Since then, I have Googled iPhone at least every week to follow the latest news as to the development of this particular gadget.

When the first generation iPhone finally launched in the US, it was exciting yes, but it was also tantalisingly out of reach. (Indeed, why does the US always get the best things first? It frustrated me to read of US users complaining about the so-called flaws and limitations of the machine – at least you got to use it! Geez, enough whinging already.)

And so the wait continued and seemed to just stretch on and on. Every third or fourth day, I would Google ‘iPhone launch in Australia’, ‘Australia iPhone’, ‘when will iPhone arrive in Australia’ or some other permutation or combination of those words that would hopefully deliver the exciting news that the iPhone would soon be available in Australia.But again and again, I was disappointed. It was like one protracted and drawn out engagement that refused to reach its fulfilment. I almost became convinced that Steve Jacobs Jobs would never launch the iPhone here and that Australia would be destined to be an iPhoneless nation.

The thought was saddening, but I did not lose all hope. I continued my futile Googling week after week, along with hitting the Apple Australia homepage every day on the off chance that there might be unexpected ‘official’ announcement.

And two weeks ago, there it finally was.

“iPhone 3G. Coming soon. 11 July.”

I couldn’t believe it. I checked again to make sure it was the Apple Australia homepage I was on, and not just the US one. And it was! I still couldn’t believe it.

My anticipation these last two weeks has been feverish, to say the least. In fact, for the first time in our marriage, I was probably more excited about something than Rick was about the LandRover Defender.

And today – or more correctly, yesterday – the iPhone 3G is finally here in Australia. And it is not just the first generation or the second generation iPhone, but it is the 3G iPhone. The real thing. Capital R, Capital T, as my favourite Friends character Chandler would say.

Waking up on the second last day of our Port Macquarie holiday on Thursday, the first thought that dawned on me that the iPhone was now officially on sale in Australia.

I snuck out of bed whilst Rick slept on and visited SMH online. It was just so exciting to read the latest iPhone news that it actually sent shivers down my spine.

As for Rick, he simply couldn’t believe that I had woken up before him for perhaps the second time in our marriage.

Thank you Apple for timing the iPhone 3G launch so brilliantly with my birthday.

Turning twenty-eight is no easy milestone for a girl who still remembers what it was like to be eighteen.

But to be able to do so with an iPhone in hand just makes it a tad more glamorous, a tad more fun and a tad more organised.

Recently Rick and I watched an episode of Trinny & Susannah whereby they help to solve a married couple’s problems by changing the way they look and giving them body chocolate, handcuffs and similar type stuff to help spice up their sex life.

They did say specifically that they weren’t “marriage counsellors” but it seemed the entire time that that was what they were trying to do – resolve their marital issues.

The ending shots of the episode showed the couple greeting each other happily in this beautifully romantic garden, both pleasantly surprised at the other’s makeover.

We are led to believe that they now find each other attractive again and together with the gift of those ‘spice up your sex life’ gizmos, they are now surely on their way to marital bliss. The last camera shot was particularly noteworthy – a slow panning away from the window of the luxurious honeymoon suite in which they will be spending the night.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I do enjoy watching Trinny & Susannah. I love their brutal honesty and their British humour. I also do enjoy their almost cruel style and fashion advice – in fact both Rick and I enjoy watching their various shows. Sometimes I suspect Rick is even tempted to take notes.

I guess I just have issue with their portrayal of how a marriage’s problems are solved. Sure, physical appearance and attraction have their importance and place in a marriage, but that surely is not the answer to everything.

Years of lack of communication and erosion of trust are not going to be rectified just by donning the right clothes. If that was the case, there would be no marriage breakdowns as long as there was a stylist in town.

Trinny and Susannah, marriage counsellors you are definitely not, but we love you for your clothing advice.

Now, if you wouldn’t mind doing a special on ‘How to look sexy whilst six months pregnant’, that would be great thanks.