October 2007

Wednesday, 31 October 2007

At the ripe age of twenty-seven, I am still the queen of procrastination (Rick being the king – we’ve decided we’re an unbelievably perfect match for each other).

Today all our income tax returns were due. On Monday – the day before yesterday – my BAS was due as well. Any diligent business person – or finance-keeping housewife for that matter – would’ve completed and lodged all the paperwork at the latest by mid-October.

I tried, of course. Oh, how I tried.

For the past two or more months, I’ve been diligently writing in my diary ‘Complete 2007/08 tax returns’ with a little box next to the wording.

Unfortunately the box never got ticked. Instead, I found myself ‘carrying forward’ the task every single time without fail. All those little crosses in the boxes can testify to that – as opposed to little ticks which are my reward when I actually manage to do what I plan to do.

August 15: Complete 2007/08 tax returns – crossed out
August 31: Complete 2007/08 tax returns – crossed out
September 5: Complete 2007/tax returns – crossed out
September 21: Complete 2007/08 tax returns – crossed out

You get the picture.

Finally on Monday, I was determined to get them done. I had a plan of attack all worked out:

1) BAS statement – 1 hour
2) Rick’s income tax return – 1.5 hours
3) Our partnership tax return – 2 hours
4) My income tax return – 3 hours
5) The business income tax return – 6 hours

Which meant that if I woke up at 8am and got started on them straight away, I should’ve been finished by 10pm at the very latest, with extra time for eating and bathroom trips.

I’m not sure exactly what I did for the whole day, but it was around 9.30pm that I finally sat down at my computer and even then I started fiddling around with Facebook, trying to work out the pros and cons of properly setting up an account.

And so the countdown began:

10.30pm: Rick and I decided that we both simply had to start doing some work.
11.00pm: We made coffee and managed to not procrastinate for more than 15 minutes.
2.00am: I decided it was time to retire.
10.00am: Resurfaced to continue plugging away at those tedious tax questions and calculations.
5.00pm: The tax returns were all safely lodged. A good 7 hours before the actual deadline

All I can say is: thank goodness for e-tax.