Rick is trying this new ‘thing’ where we’re to get to bed by 10pm every night and we’re to wake up at 7am every morning.

We launched this experiment last night:

We did in fact ‘get to bed’ at 10pm. Unfortunately, we then spent the next 2 hours reading, writing and talking on the phone (mostly my bad).

This morning Rick’s alarm did in fact go off at 7am. However, only he heard it and got up. I slept on.

The purpose of this new initiative is of course so that we get more done during the day – ie. productivity not procrastination. Which explains why I’m updating this blog instead of actually working (I hope Rick doesn’t see me doing this…).

So goals for today:
1) Complete style guide for client – Ronnie
2) Study for New Testament exam – Rick
3) Spend a maximum of 30 minutes on Facebook – Ronnie
4) Spend a maximum of 30 minutes on SMH.com.au – Rick
5) Get to sleep by 10pm

Wednesday, 31 October 2007

At the ripe age of twenty-seven, I am still the queen of procrastination (Rick being the king – we’ve decided we’re an unbelievably perfect match for each other).

Today all our income tax returns were due. On Monday – the day before yesterday – my BAS was due as well. Any diligent business person – or finance-keeping housewife for that matter – would’ve completed and lodged all the paperwork at the latest by mid-October.

I tried, of course. Oh, how I tried.

For the past two or more months, I’ve been diligently writing in my diary ‘Complete 2007/08 tax returns’ with a little box next to the wording.

Unfortunately the box never got ticked. Instead, I found myself ‘carrying forward’ the task every single time without fail. All those little crosses in the boxes can testify to that – as opposed to little ticks which are my reward when I actually manage to do what I plan to do.

August 15: Complete 2007/08 tax returns – crossed out
August 31: Complete 2007/08 tax returns – crossed out
September 5: Complete 2007/tax returns – crossed out
September 21: Complete 2007/08 tax returns – crossed out

You get the picture.

Finally on Monday, I was determined to get them done. I had a plan of attack all worked out:

1) BAS statement – 1 hour
2) Rick’s income tax return – 1.5 hours
3) Our partnership tax return – 2 hours
4) My income tax return – 3 hours
5) The business income tax return – 6 hours

Which meant that if I woke up at 8am and got started on them straight away, I should’ve been finished by 10pm at the very latest, with extra time for eating and bathroom trips.

I’m not sure exactly what I did for the whole day, but it was around 9.30pm that I finally sat down at my computer and even then I started fiddling around with Facebook, trying to work out the pros and cons of properly setting up an account.

And so the countdown began:

10.30pm: Rick and I decided that we both simply had to start doing some work.
11.00pm: We made coffee and managed to not procrastinate for more than 15 minutes.
2.00am: I decided it was time to retire.
10.00am: Resurfaced to continue plugging away at those tedious tax questions and calculations.
5.00pm: The tax returns were all safely lodged. A good 7 hours before the actual deadline

All I can say is: thank goodness for e-tax.