July 2006

Acacia House down in Milton turned out to be all that our friends had said it would be.

The ‘cream room’ we stayed in was simply gorgeous: ivory quilt cover, old-fashioned english lamps, white lacy tissue box, electric blankets, antique-style armchairs, dark mahogany wardrobe and dresser, thick emerald curtains and a beautifully finished ensuite with wooden panelling, gold trimmings and fluffy soft towels. It was perfect luxury – not overly extravagant and with just the requisite amount of comfort.

For dinner the first night, Rick made the same ‘dish’ that he’d cooked for us on his camping stove at Bicentennial Park when we were dating: rice noodles stir-fried with char siu, brocolli and a handful of other fresh vegetables. It was just as delicious and satisfying as the last time, even though the stove refused to work properly and we ended up having to cook it indoors on the induction stove top. Nonetheless, we still ate it outside on the patio so that we could enjoy the chill of the windy night and ‘relive’ our very special date at the park those two and a half years ago.

The second day was my birthday and after we had some mushroom soup in the late afternoon, we spent an hour or so ‘exploring’ the farm so to speak. Even though we didn’t get past the first paddock (or 30 metres from the house as Rick insists) it was still good fun and a great learning experience for me – especially the part where Rick both showed and taught me that cows don’t bite and generally don’t come charging at you. There were lots of ‘cow pat’ to be trod on though, but luckily both Rick and I managed to avoid them with great skill.

(Note to self – Rick prefers the term “cows” to my cuter slant on the word: “moo moos”. Apparently he would be rather embarassed should I ever say this out loud in the presence of others. Yet to be tested. Watch this space.)

In between our little ‘expedition’ and food experimentations, a lot of our two days at Acacia House was spent just lazing on the front verandah enjoying the sweeping views of the vast land before us. Spending quiet times like that with Rick always reminds me just how much I love him and how God couldn’t have blessed me with a better man and husband. I really pray and hope that we have many, many years of marriage together.

Question of the day by Ronnie: “What happens to cows when it rains?”

Rick: “They get wet.”