October 2004

What’s in a name?

What’s in a name?

….or so Juliet asked. Well, if I had been around when she uttered that somewhat innocent question, I for one could’ve told her.

A name not only defines one’s identity, it also defines the weight of one’s wallet. Or lack of, for that matter.

Especially when you’re an Asian whose parents gave you one of those English names in a dead set hurry because they had to migrate fast but unfortunately never bothered to add it to either your passport or your certificate of citizenship. Add to that the ordeal of changing your last name to your husband’s surname and you’ve got yourself a pretty darn clear answer to that rather famous Shakespeare line.

Applying for your marriage certificate… $29

Applying for a name change… $109

Applying for a new passport… $155

Applying for your own citizenship certificate… $55

Getting all the frigging paperwork done…. priceless.

One spring evening

Spring evenings are simply wonderful.

After getting back from work today, Rick and I managed to enjoy ten minutes of one such evening before having to rush off to our Tuesday night bible study.

As I sat on his lap on our balcony, I did my best to take in everything that the evening had to offer.

The gentle rustling of the trees. The chirping of the crickets. The cool breeze brushing against our skin. The pinkish glow of the sky. The fresh smell of spring. The feel of Rick’s skin against my back. The soft drone of the occasional car driving by. The scratch of Rick’s beard on my head.

Right there and then I decided that Rick and spring went very well together.