July 2003

According to top-notch magazines like Cosmopolitan and Cleo, there is nothing more romantic than a walk in the rain. As such, we are to make the most of rainy days by grabbing our respective partner and coercing him or her into coming for a romantic stroll in the park with us (after all, who wants to be relaxing at home in front of a warm, dry fireplace when you could be getting yourself wet and dirty). An important tip to bear in mind, however, is not to go for one of these walks when it’s absolutely pouring (well, one would’ve thought that that’s pretty much common sense anyway). In addition, one should remember to take an umbrella (again, der). Suddenly, you are able to fully appreciate why you spent a total of five dollars ninety-five on the very inspiring magazine.

But back to my point – rain is supposed to be romantic and a walk on a cloudy day is meant to be able to ‘boost’ the romance in one’s life. Indeed, when one thinks about it, Hollywood movies and Chinese movies alike love to exploit the concept of rain when it comes to those climatic scenes where a couple typically:

1) gets together for the first time
2) breaks up; or
3) gets back together after breaking up.

Well, if there is nothing more romantic than a walk in the rain, there is also nothing more refreshing than a walk in the rain. You’ll have to forget the Cosmo formula though, mind you. Here’s a fool-proof method that I’ve devised after a personal experience of mine today that will GUARANTEE instant refreshment:

Make sure that it is a really, REALLY rainy day.
Make sure that you’re carrying at least five bags of shopping.
Make sure you’ve forgotten your umbrella.
Make sure that you’ve parked your car in the furthest possible spot.
Make sure that your pants are too long so that the hem is able to soak up as much rain as possible as you drag your shopping along.
Make sure you have bought a copy of Cosmopolitan or Cleo so that you chuck it into the fireplace as firewood when you get home.

(See? Suddenly you are able to fully appreciate why you just wasted two minutes of your time reading my website. But hey, at least I didn’t charge you five ninety-five for it…)